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MONO products deliver highly available active ingredients in their original purity - unadulterated, free from impurities and all controversial additives. For this we rely on strict organic qualities and high-quality pure substances in pharmaceutical quality.

MONO goal is to offer you the purest power of nature:

100% valuable plant ingredients that help you promote and maintain your health and vitality in a natural way.

MONO believe in the POWER OF PLANTS.

To do this, MONO draws on proven knowledge that has been handed down for thousands of years in Ayurveda, TCM and traditional Western medicine. Driven by nature and science, MONO MARKET offers a space for natural balance.

Body and mind belong together: our diet and habits influence our behaviour, our health, our life. They define how we live and where we go - both mentally and physically. MONO firmly believes that each individual can influence this path themselves - we determine our goal ourselves. To support you in this, MONO strives to bring a new healthy routine into your everyday life. Natural self-care is important for everyday energy, mental clarity and vitality - MONO gives you the guide and tools for this path.

MONO – One with life. 

Mono Market has stood for natural and genuine natural products since 2015. In addition to organic tea and superfood, the Mono range now also includes natural medicinal plants and vital substances.

MONO drive is to bring very high-quality natural products onto the market. The claim: naturalness - in just a few production steps from the raw material to the final product. This allows us to offer products in their purest natural form and effect without using any artificial additives.


MONO believes that the first and best thing we can do for the planet starts with ourselves. Mono products strengthen body and mind in a completely natural way. The world needs your clarity, capacity and vitality right now. THE FUTURE IS PRESENT. Environmental and climate protection are important to us. To this end, we focus on recycling in our packaging. MONO wants to make a contribution and support the goal of a 100% circular economy.

Mono Market represents the power and impact of plant-based nutrition. MONO only use natural ingredients that are free of artificial additives. All MONO products are made in Germany or Austria and are subject to the strictest food controls. MONO also use independent laboratories that regularly check and certify our products.