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Ecoegg Eco Friendly Laundry Detergent Egg Fresh Linen for White + lights 50 washes

Ecoegg Eco Friendly Laundry Detergent Egg Fresh Linen for White + lights 50 washes

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It’s back, it’s better, it’s here to make your whites + lights EGGcitingly bright.

We already have the Laundry Egg 2in1 replacement for detergent and fabric softener. This egg? This egg is DOUBLING the stakes with an epic 4in1 replacement for detergent, softener, oxi power AND stain remover – and breath.

Designed specifically for white + light laundry loads, these special detergent pellets contain an added oxi brightener to keep your whites shining bright, along with a stain remover agent to remove those stubborn stains. Goodbye to buying multiple, overwhelming and unnecessary products for your white washes!

The Laundry Egg cleans clothes effectively using two types of pellets – white washing pellets and the black tourmaline pellets – encased in a recyclable, refillable laundry egg case.

The no nasties formula contains no enzymes, no chlorine bleaches, no phosphates, no parabens, no SLS/SLES and no palm oil, and has been lightly fragranced to be gentle on sensitive skin. Yes, that’s right – an oxi whitener which is gentle on skin – we have it CRACKED.

The Laundry Egg is the eco solution to laundry day, eliminating up to 40* plastic detergent and softener bottles per year per household.

Our vegan founder, Dawn, personally battled with eczema whilst growing up. Her own struggles made her realise the sensitivity of skin to normal detergents which inspired her to invent a new type of detergent that is much gentler on skin. Our formula is lightly fragranced to be gentle on delicate skin AND have been dermatologically tested and rated “excellent”. While a lot of us are familiar with strong, chemically fragranced detergents, strong fragrance doesn’t always mean clean. We get the job done whilst being gentle on skin.

Should you need to buy more tourmaline pellets, they are included in Laundry Egg Refill packs or you can buy them separately here.

For best results with your Laundry Egg, we recommend you detox your machine before using the Laundry Egg with ecoegg Detox Tablets and detox once a month after that.
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