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BIOUP BLACKBERRY Hydrophilic Washing Paste - Gentle Cleansing | 60ml

BIOUP BLACKBERRY Hydrophilic Washing Paste - Gentle Cleansing | 60ml

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Fruit cleansing - relaxation, pleasure and a smooth complexion in one jar.

A delicate paste-butter for everyday face washing and make-up removal. The paste is hydrophilic - that is, it turns into an emulsion on contact with warm water and rinses off with water.

The addition of French clay makes the paste extremely effective in cleansing the skin, leaving it smooth, soft and with a sense of comfort. Clays have long been eagerly used to cleanse the skin. Their particles have the ability not only to reach its nooks and crannies, but also to absorb pollutants.

Delicate oils and cosmetic butters, clay and fruit extracts of blackberries, raspberries and strawberries - this is our paste. The sweet smell associated with forest fruit makes washing your face a pleasant ritual.

The paste has a quite soft, buttery consistency - its appearance may evoke the association with wet sand, but it feels smooth on the skin. In its structure, there are particles of a coarser fraction of clay, the task of which is to additionally massage the skin. Under the influence of heat, the paste becomes semi-fluid, oily and spreads easily on the skin.

The smell is well perceptible, but not very intense - sweet, warm.

How to use the Blackberry cleansing paste?
Take a portion of the paste from the jar. Massage your face with your fingertips. Turn on the warm water - the paste will turn light pink and will lose some of its grease. If the paste is not enough, it may less emulsify. Continue the massage, then rinse your face with warm water. The paste can be used as the only washing / cleansing cosmetic in one-step cleansing. For fans of two-stage cleansing, we recommend the first stage.

Due to the addition of clay, Blackberry is not a product dedicated to eye makeup removal.

All skin types will benefit from it - especially dry and delicate. It is a very gentle washing and cleansing product. It does not dry out or tighten the skin. Leaves a delicate film on it (more noticeable than in the case of washing oil).

Make sure that no water gets into the jar. Store the cosmetic away from light and heat sources. Minor delamination or accumulation of a little oil on the top of the cosmetic is not a defect and does not affect the usability.

A cosmetic suitable for vegans. Safe to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

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